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Year-Round Tax Prep & Planning

Our Tax Advisors average 15 years experience and can help you with any complex tax situation. Book your appointment now or watch our video to learn more.

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You’re Good At What You Do, And We’re Good At What We Do.

Here’s what we can do for you. 

Tax Preparation

Our expertise will instill confidence in the accuracy of your return. As your tax partner, we’re here for you.

Tax Planning

Tax planning sets us apart. We look ahead to set a customized course to achieve your best financial outcomes.

Down To Business 

For the self-employed, we offer solutions that can help you stay organized and scale your operation.

Understand our process and anticipate your experience

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All you need when your taxes get tricky.

We've seen it. We've solved it–with a relationship to count on and a plan to see you through, form to form and year to year.
In 2010, my family moved states and our taxes got weird. We had great confidence in the way Martha handled that return, and we’ve returned every year since. She reaches out. She understands our lives. We’re clients for life!
Dan, Westminster, CO, Client for 5 years
In the tax world, knowing families and situations creates continuity and trust. When Dan first came to me, he’d moved from a place I know, and he and his wife had an ADORABLE baby, so I was able to forge a real connection.
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Martha Keaveny
Tax Advisor, Westminster, CO

Experience. Attention. Gratification.

We’ll apply expertise and understanding to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Great Expectations

When you come to a Block Advisors office, here's an idea of what to expect.

  1. Experience

    You’ll make an appointment to meet in a contemporary, private office with a trusted Tax Advisor; that’s the beginning of what will be a long-term relationship.

  2. Results

    We’re diligent, devoted to our clients and stand by our work.

  3. Support

    Year-round, consider us a partner. We’ll answer questions and plan for the future. And if the IRS ever asks questions, we’re here for you. You’ll never go it alone.

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Questions And Answers

Check out a few of the questions we often receive. You may be wondering the same thing.

I don’t like having to explain my situation to a different person every year. Will I work with the same person at a Block Advisors office?

Our Tax Advisors have an average of 15 years experience so the majority of our clients work with the same person year over year. When it’s time to find a new Tax Advisor, we’re here to make sure you’re matched with the person who best fits your needs.

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I’m not sure I want to change tax preparers this year. Can we have a consultation to go over the services you provide?

Yes! Call your nearest Block Advisors office and we’ll match you with a Tax Advisor that fits your situation. In addition, you can bring in your prior year’s return and we will look for credits or deductions that may have been missed. The best part? The review is free.

What if I have questions outside of tax time? Will someone from Block Advisors be available?

Our Tax Advisors are available to meet with you year-round. You can contact them through the office phone number or email your Tax Advisor directly. We know things come up, sometimes suddenly. Your Tax Advisor will be there when you need them.  

Recently I received a letter from the IRS and couldn’t get ahold of my CPA to answer some of my questions. Is this something Block Advisors can look at and give me some guidance?

We can definitely help with this. Give your nearest Block Advisors office a call and we’ll set you up with a Tax Advisor who can walk through with you how we can help.

Get 50% Off When You Switch To Block Advisors

Bring your 2014 tax preparation receipt with you to your appointment and pay half what you paid someone else last year.* Offer good February 22 - March 31.

*Subject to $100 minimum charge.

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